Heat Exchangers

Tailor made heat exchangers solutions at home in all fields.

Ipros Heat Exchangers segment in partnership with the world recognized producers of heat exchangers, Vahterus and Luftkuhler. We are utilizing our focused state-of-the-art process and project knowledge from the whole scope of heat exchanger technologies in each of our products.

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Cutting-edge technology for all applications offers the widest variety of applications. Thanks to plate types available in numerous varieties, lengths and profile variants can meet every demand. It is distinguished by higher performance, more possibilities and reduced investment costs.

The development of the world‘s first gasketed plate heat exchanger for pasteurizing milk a good 80 years ago showed us the way forward to utilize these laws of nature for sustainable heat transfer. Since that time our scientists, engineers and technicians have been improving and varying this apparently simple, but actually highly complex and demanding technology of heat exchangers: Liquids or gases at different temperatures flow through channels between separate, corrugated plates and transport thermal energy from the system with the higher temperature to the system with the lower temperature.

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  • NT, NX, ND, NH technology
    Thanks to the optimized plate design of the NT, NX, ND, NH Series you can achieve your goals with less heat transfer surface area and therefore save on investment costs. Together with the flexible and universal plate range the NT Series combined with the NX, ND or NH Series can now be configured even more exactly and flexibly to your objectives and field of application.
  • LWC laser-welded cassettes
    LWC Series laser-welded cassettes based on the NT technology for critical media
    When handling critical media, conventionally gasketed plate heat exchangers quickly reach their limits. We have resolved this problem using state of-the-art technology. The laser-welded cassettes contained in the LWC plate heat exchangers ensure safe and reliable flow of aggressive products.
  • Free Flow
    Free Flow Series for media containing solids and pulp
    Our Free Flow plate heat exchangers, the N, FA, NW and NF Series are ideally suited for media containing solids and pulp. With their low investment and operating costs these are a viable alternative to shell-and-tube and spiral heat exchangers. The capabilities of conventional plate heat exchangers are often not sufficient particularly for media containing solids and pulp. And this is where the strengths of our Free Flow plate heat exchangers come to the fore. Their special feature is the constant flow gap width between the individual plates and the coarse corrugation of the actual plates. The gap between the plates can be up to 12 mm. The constant gap width ensures blockage-free operation.

Shell and tube heat exchanger – commonly known solution

Ipros shell and tube heat exchanger is well known for the variants of applications for all kind process industry. They are known for the robustness and reliability for all type of applications like HVAC, Chemical, sugar, chemical, food till the pharmaceutical industry where spatial sanitary and sterile standards has to be meet.

Ipros shell and tube heat exchangers are produced following the TEMA standards and special constructions like the double wall where safety comes first.

  • Pharma: very low surface roughness, low ferric content, double wall (double safety)
  • Food: low surface roughness, materials for beverages like milk, cream, beer, juice… and CIP
  • Chemical: tough construction for high duty applications


Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchangers – BLOC

Our fully welded plate heat exchangers – major selling points are their compact size, outstanding heat-transfer coefficients and comparatively low capital cost. They are particularly robust and easy to clean and maintain. The advantages in structural design are therefore especially effective in fields where load capacity is called for as well as performance. Each model series has its own special advantages and fields of application.

KELVION Bloc can be supplied in a wide range of designs for various medias – in special steel, alloy, nickel, duplex and titanium.

  • Easy cleaning thanks to simple opening of the unit
  • Fully welded plate pack
  • Can be used at temperatures up to 350 °C and pressures up to 35 bars
  • Low space requirements and easy to install
  • Access from both media sides
  • Chevron and dimple corrugation patterns

Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchangers – FLEX

KELVION Bloc and KELVION Flex fully welded plate heat exchangers by KELVION (former known as GEA Ecoweld) are a reaction tailored to answer the call for increased servicing in welded plate heat exchangers. Access from both sides is its special feature, offering particular ease of cleaning and maintenance. Bloc and Flex is a convincing solution offering compact design, low weight, low investment costs and high flexibility for applications in the processing industry. This heat exchanger is suited for the production of chemical and petrochemical products.

With KELVION Flex you no longer have to decide between shell-and-tube and plate heat exchangers as KELVION Flex combines the advantages from both principles in a single unit and saves on two counts: in investment and in operation.

  • On the large flow cross-section tube soiled media can be fed in
  • Operation under vacuum with lowest pressure loss
  • Heat transfer surface areas over 12,000m² in one unit are possible
  • High condensation capacities up to 200MW and condensate depression in one unit
  • Variable temperature differences up to 550°C
  • Variable pressure differences up to 40 bar as well as high pressure difference between the media

Vahterus – extremely reliable

Vahterus is a fully welded plate heat exchanger which satisfies very exacting requirements in relation to process reliability. The heat exchanger plates designed for individual solutions are welded into a pack and mounted in the fully welded pressure vessel.

This design principle ensures that the exchanger is both highly resistant to extreme pressure, from vacuum till 150 bars and extreme temperature from -190°C till 700°C. Vahterus is configured as to accord with technical requirements and at the same time minimize capital outlay and running costs.


  • High pressure
  • High temperature
  • No gaskets
  • Compact
  • Low fauling
  • Close approach temperatures

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Suitable for heating systems, as economizers, evaporators or for swimming pools, heating and service water systems, under floor heating oil coolers, heat pumps, Safe CO2 use and many other industrial applications.

The brazed plate heat exchangers from KELVION (former GEA) PHE systems offer tailor-made solutions for the widest range of applications.

Thanks to the compact design and simple installation our EcoBraze Series can be supplied as individual plate packs at short notice.

Depending on the specific application we select either copper or nickel braze for the plate heat exchangers. We configure the most economically favorable model till the GG series suitable for drinking water, or the DW – double wall ensures double safety, we can select for you from the wide range of available sizes and the numerous optional features and adapt this with individually positioned connections to exactly meet your requirements.


The HX-Factor is our promise. It stands for our unique expertise in heat exchange (HX = HEAT EXCHANGE) and ensures a wide range of product benefits for you. Like with Industrial Dry Coolers, our top quality products with highest modularity and flexibility. They offer best performance and efficiency for a competitive price.

With more than 80 years of experience in the design and construction of heat exchangers, Luftkuhler has developed countless types of compact fin tube systems to meet all specific requirements involving media temperature, pressure, noise levels, reduced footprint, vibration, and protective coatings. In partnership with Blygold, Luftkuhler has developed a unique automated process to apply a perfectly graduated coating. It protects the compact finned coils against harsh environmental
conditions such as erosion by sand or salt. It provides a barrier and avoids the risk of electrolytic reactions between the two metals involved.


Ipros Service is the leading service specialist for all types of plate heat exchangers and from all manufacturers. Our service is backed up by more than 25 years of experience in after-sales & service and by the competence of Ipros as a producer and partner of KELVION as an internationally renowned manufacturer of high-performance plate heat exchangers.

Ipros has a team of specially trained personal with more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing and maintaining all type of plate heat exchangers.

More about
Ipros scope in the after-sales & service:

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Servicing (24/7)
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Leakage testing
  • Servis contract
  • Maintenance logistic
  • Training

To enhance productivity of your process line, Ipros offers preventive maintenance programs ranging from scheduled parts supply over on-site inspection, service and testing to complete re-conditioning at Ipros Service station. For large installations involving multiple plant cooling PHEs, Ipros is capable of supplying complete service contracts including maintenance and exchange plate pack programs.

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Heat Exchangers


We are trusted by the following
companies, among others:

Viro – Croatian sugar producer has more than 30 Ipros produced gasketed plate heat exchangers and 1 evaporator Evap+ at their production site, in all technological stages of sugar production. Most of PHEs are Free Flow units FA184, FA192 & NF350, as well as standard NT units such as NT 250L and VT40.

Lukoil – is a Russian oil company with its own production facilities in Romania. For the Romanian Lukoil we have successfully installed 5 units in parallel as OVHD partial condensers from the main Fractionating column.

Sunoko – Serbia’s leading sugar producer, has more than 60 Ipros produced gasketed plate heat exchangers in their 3 production sites, in all stages of sugar production. Most of PHEs are FreeFlow units FA184, FA192 & NF350, as well as standard NT units such as NT 250S & NT 350S.


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